​Choose one of our indulgent rituals to soothe both body & soul. Arrive early and enjoy a refreshing ​​

Pukka herbal drink to ensure you start your escape ritual in the right frame of mind.

The Refreshment Ritual                             €140

Dermalogica prescriptive facial, 'Radiant' body treatment and mini manicure.

The Relaxing Ritual                                    €210
Dermalogica prescriptive facial, 'Savasana' body treatment & SpaRitual pedicure.

The Occasion Ritual                                   €145
SpaRitual manicure & pedicure, eyelash tint and full body Bronze Leaf tan.

The Glowing Ritual                                     €160
Radiant ritual, full body Bronze Leaf tan, SpaRitual manicure & pedicure.

The Bridal Ritual                                          €250
Dermalogica multi vitamin facial, back massage, full body Bronze Leaf tan,

SpaRitual manicure & pedicure.

The Maternal Ritual                                     €135
Dermalogica prescriptive facial & SpaRitual pedicure.

The Nurture Ritual                                       €150
Dermalogica prescriptive facial including eye treatment and SpaRitual manicure.

The Debutante Ritual                                  €85
Full body Bronze Leaf tan, file & polish for hands and feet and Jane Iredale make up.


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