The Radiant Ritual:

​Awaken your senses and emerge feeling energised and radiant with this sesame seed oil and coffee bean exfoliating treatment infused with tangerine and frankincense oil to soothe and tone followed by a shea butter and sesame seed oil body butter with pre and probiotics to encourage and support the skin’s microbiome.

45 mins - €55

The Savasana Ritual:
Moisture & Tone

Surrender to this luxurious, full body exfoliating, moisturising and toning treatment with deep conditioning massage. A granular coffee bean exfoliator that smooths, invigorates and stimulates circulation. Shea butter, coconut oil and tangerine oil nourish and restore during massage providing a state of total calm and is finished with a shea butter and sesame oil body butter leaving skin deeply nourished and protected.  

1 hour - €95

The Free Love Ritual
Back & Full Body ​​

Renew your body and release stress and tightness with this balancing and rejuvenating body massage. Coconut oil, shea butter and tangerine oil will improve skin suppleness, nourish skin and enhance your well-being while relieving tension.

30 mins/ 1 hour

€45/ €75

Indian Head Ritual

Melt away stress and fatigue while enjoying the benefits of this relaxing head, neck & shoulder treatment. Condition the scalp, soothe the senses and balance the crown chakra.​ ​

30 mins - €45

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Hands & Feet



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